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 CBR News 15th of March – Anathema, Xerosun, Pistol Shot Gypsy, Burn Blue Sky
The first edition of the weekly (probably) ClanBase Radio News segment page is here, and you are reading it now!

In this segment we will keep you updated on recent events, new album releases, news from our favourite bands, prize giveaways and all the important events.

So in the first edition you will find a personal message from Anathema, an important announcement about Pistol Shot Gypsy, festival and concert info about Xerosun and Burn Blue Sky and more. Read more here!

Summer dose of music

I doubt there is anybody out there who doesn’t yet know that I saw Anathema live not long ago but let me say it one more time: I did and they were awesome! Which is why I recommend checking out summer festivals this year. They are still touring. They will appear at Brutal Assault Festival in Czech Republic (definitely worth mentioning are also: Mayhem, As I Lay Dying, Cathedral and Nevermore), as well as at High Voltage Festival in the UK. The band is also confirmed for gigs in Germany and Italy.

Check out the greeting by Anathema below


Xerosun - Click to Enlarge

Another band worth seeing live is definitely Xerosun. According to the news on their website, on the 3rd of April they will support a great Polish band Lao Che in Dublin! For more info, check out their website by clicking here!

ClanBase Radio interviews… PISTOL SHOT GYPSY!

Ian Haggerty - Click to Enlarge
I’ve got to admit that Ian Haggerty is one talkative beast :D I had a few questions, he had a few stories and that’s how we ended up talking for almost an hour. If you wanna know what his favourite music is, how they became Pistol Shot Gypsies and what does it take to be a rockstar, tune in to ClanBase Radio next week!

Premier date: 23/03/2011
Time: 21:00 CET
More information

Celebrate the decline by Burn Blue Sky

Celebrate the decline by Burn Blue Sky - Click to Enlarge

ClanBase Radio is pleased to announce that Burn Blue Sky and several other bands gave us their albums, which we will gladly give away to our listeners in shows in the next several weeks - so stay tuned in and see you around!
Posted on March 15th 2011
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PR manager, presenter
Location: Poland

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Comments: (2)
Decl  Tue 15 Mar 2011 16:56
Yeah, be sure to listen to that interview right after Tü on Tü next Wednesday, at 21:00 CET

Support of those bands is really appreciated!
Jazzy  Tue 15 Mar 2011 13:04
Awesome stuff, cant wait to hear the interview
Also, Anathema rox
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